Perfect gifts for golf lovers

best golf gifts

Many are golf lovers who want to renew or complete their accessories to practice their favorite sport. There are many options, but some ideas can help you look for that perfect complement or activity that allows you to enjoy this sport during these Christmas holidays best golf gifts.

Essential to start playing golf are clubs. The French firm Valgrine has the most innovative and unique putter on the market. Handmade by master craftsmen with materials from aeronautics, watchmaking or Formula 1 , they are designed for the most passionate golfers.

The Putter Valgrine is the union of elegance with high performance. Its creation uses materials such as aeronautical aluminum, forged stainless steel, high density nickel, Damascus steel and carbon fiber. Details like gold screws give a touch of distinction, while avoiding corrosion.

Valgrine was created by Gregory Moreau, a golf enthusiast who could not find anything out of the ordinary. He made his desire to do something different, giving an answer to golf amateurs seeking novelty, comfort and refinement.

To save these exclusive clubs, nothing better than a Treccani Milano bag. Made in the best skins of calf, ostrich or alligator of the Mississippi, they are made by hand taking care of the smallest detail.

The Treccani Milano golf bags can be fully customized. The client decides the model and explains his preferences to the craftsman. Then he, using the skills learned from his ancestors, plasma what the golfer wants in a period of approximately twelve weeks. With this, an exclusive and appropriate product is obtained for those athletes who want to take care of their image both on and off the field.

Once with the complete team, it is best to head to one of the best golf courses in Spain: the PGA Catalunya Resort. Located just ten minutes from Girona and a few kilometers from the Costa Brava, it offers two courses, a resort and a hotel.

The Stadium Course is classified as the number one course in Spain and the Tour Course offers a circuit of the most spectacular holes. In them important tournaments of the European Circuit have been celebrated.

Next to the two fields is the Club House, where you can relax and have a drink after finishing the 18 holes, and the hotel, where you can stay and spend a few days of relaxation and fun. The resort has first class apartments, semi-detached houses or individual villas to rent if you prefer to have more privacy.

The experience in the PGA Catalunya Resort will be pleasant and pleasant, since in addition to practicing golf, the environment accompanies relaxation. Swimming pool, beauty and fitness center help to complete the offer for those who are experts or for those who want to start in this sport, since the facilities have a practice area and specialized teachers.

But if what you are looking for is fun, the best gift is the Golfboard, an electric skate ideal for touring the golf course in a different way. When climbing on Golfboard the feeling is equal to surfing, snowboarding or skateboarding. It is a new way of practicing golf, especially for young people.

With this new device, which works with lithium battery, the pace of play is increased, since the displacements are faster than with electric buggies. It has four wheels with traction and uses front and rear gearboxes, which makes driving safer and more reliable with less maintenance. Acceleration and deceleration is done with the thumb and is able to climb steep hills. It has a suspension system that easily adapts to the preferences and weight of the rider, and its tires are special to have a smaller impact on the lawn.


With all these gifts it will be difficult not to be able to enjoy the practice of golf. You only need to have a good swing and fun is assured.