As an entrepreneur whose products are to reach a young target group, you can hardly ignore Instagram today. On Instagram, users can upload photos and provide them with photo filters and short texts. Launched in 2010, Instagram took a meteoric rise and was bought by Facebook in 2012 for $ 1 billion. Meanwhile, Instagram is one of the ten most popular apps worldwide. In April 2015, Instagram had 300 million members; an end to the growth is not in sight. The free platform is interesting for any company that serves a young target group and wants to interact more with its target audience and establish itself as a brand via buy real instagram comments.



The images uploaded via the app can be edited with the Instagram filters. Just through this Instagram became known. Particularly popular are filters that give mobile phone photos an analogue photo look. The possibilities of additional effects are almost unlimited. For most users, however, clear, sparingly edited images are best. This applies to the profile picture as well as the always square Instagram post pictures. Much more important than technical gadgets is in any case the regularity: who does not often new images, is forgotten again.

Image sizes on Instagram: The profile image should have a resolution of 110 × 110 pixels. The respective posts must have at least a resolution of 640 × 640 pixels and a maximum resolution of 2048 × 2048 pixels.

In no case should you forget to mark your pictures with hashtags. These lead to a public photo album, in which all the same hashtag marked images appear. There you can easily interact with other users and become better known. Decisive is also the right time to post. On Instagram, most users are active in the late afternoon and early evening. Therefore, it is advisable to set new pictures regularly at 18:00.



Even before you publish on Instagram for the first time, you should think carefully about what you want to achieve on this platform. For direct sales of products, Instagram is not very suitable. Optimally, however, the app is for building your own brand and to present yourself attractive in a young market. Because Instagram is an interactive platform, you can also maintain excellent personal contacts with customers and bind them to your company in the long term.

Showcase your products creatively, but do not just publish pictures about your products. Snapshots of production processes, employees and corporate events look authentic and give the customer an insight behind the scenes of your company. Take the chance to be a brand to touch.



Success on Instagram is measured in followers and interaction rates. To win followers, there are a number of strategies. The tool analyzes the influence that other Instagram users have. Among other things, the topics that the user sets through his images are given, and a score calculated by an algorithm that reflects its approximate market value. Even the probable financial value of a person’s posting is published. It is instructive to note the recent growth of followers in order to identify long-term successful and aspiring users. In the free version of InfluencerDB, you can only get a full report for an Instagram user daily.

As you partner with successful Instagrammer, you become more present on the network and can draw attention to your brand. In general, Instagrammers who have between 1,000 and 5,000 followers are easier and cheaper to win than the big names in the scene. And big does not have to be better in any case. From a smaller Instagram user, whose followers, however, coincide with your target audience, you can benefit the most. However, your potential partner should have at least 1000 followers, so that the acquisition effort is profitable.



To find out how best to present your business on Instagram, you need to constantly check which of your images arrived best and which ones were less successful. An excellent, mostly free tool for this purpose is Iconosquare , formerly known as Statigram. Quickly you can see here which posts and pictures are most liked or most often generate interaction. Even clear monthly reports are created automatically. Useful is also a ranking of the most popular hashtags. Even suggestions for improvement to optimize their own appearance offer the tool.

However, even posting constantly interesting pictures is not enough to get more popular on Instagram. As with any other interactive platform, only the new follower, who is always actively involved? Within your own target group you should be present. Comments on the images of other users are a necessity, and a quick “like” creates new followers. Good pictures of Instagrammern, which are very active in your market segment, you should reposten, ie forward. One tool that will do a lot of work for you in this area is the Red Cactus Repost App , which helps you find and distribute interesting images far faster. The success soon becomes apparent: on Instagram, too, one hand washes the other.



Of course, new followers gain quicker who releases beautiful, high-quality photos. After all, you want to present yourself and your products in the best light. But Instagram pictures obey other laws. Authenticity is also more important to companies than perfection, and a not quite perfect, but taken from everyday life and interesting image often appeals to other Instagrammer. An appearance with exclusively lavishly staged and perfectly lit images can bore other users or even contradict their own brand message in the worst case scenario. For example, those who offer products from the streetwear segment should also take snapshots of the street and occasionally post a funny picture. Variety in the design pays off.