How to customize your t-shirts

Wearing the clothes that everyone is wearing is very visible; with this Tutorial you will no longer have an excuse to personalize your shirts personalized t shirts for kids. We have focused attention on the shirts, but this technique can be used with all the clothes you want to customize. It’s very simple; you just need stencil and spray!

Materials to customize your shirts

  • Cotton shirt
  • Stencil templates
  • Spray paint for fabric
  • A cardboard or large plastic
  • Scotch tape

Step by Step

  1. Prepare the work zone. Protect the surface as much as you can, the spray expands beyond what we imagine, so do not be afraid to spend protecting everything around you. Prepare the garment: Place a cardboard or plastic under the fabric you are going to work so that the paint does not leak to other parts of the fabric.
  2. Then fix your stencil to the fabric with adhesive tapes. With a pair so that it does not move during the process is enough, you do not have to frame it. Depending on your design, maybe, you also want to protect the rest of the garment with plastic or film.
  3. Shake and shoot! Each manufacturer of paint has instructions on the own boat that we always recommend to read … but as a general rule to paint textile with spray we need to shake the boat well before starting, put ourselves in a comfortable position and project the painting at a distance of about 10 centimeters.
  4. Very carefully and only when you consider that you have finished and that the paint is completely dry, or almost, removes the stencil. Do not be in a hurry in this process, maybe some area is still wet and can stain the rest of the shirt.