Food tips to prevent and cure cancer

Although many people ignore it, the products we eat have a great influence on the chances of getting or not malignant diseases. Even those who suffer from them have more chance of survival if they maintain a healthy and balanced diet, avoiding extremes and lack of nutrients Medical Definitions. Below you will find some food tips to prevent and cure cancer that can be very useful not only as a treatment, but to strengthen our body.

Tips to treat cancer

The first and vital thing that should be consumed when suffering from cancer are fruits and vegetables. At every meal you cannot miss a good plate of green leafy salad and a cup with pieces of different fruits.

  • Whenever you can, choose whole grain cereals and breads.
  • Try that the juices you drink are 100% natural fruits.
  • It is preferable to replace red meat with chicken or fish meat.
  • Reduce foods with high sugar content.
  • Do not always eat meat dishes, sometimes prepare better vegetarian dishes.
  • For snacks, choose chopsticks with carrots or a fruit cocktail.
  • Make sure the dishes look attractive so that this opens your appetite.
  • Some foods such as nuts, avocados, legumes, among others, have many calories and, at the same time, are very nutritious. They should not be missing from your regular menu.

Recommended foods to prevent or cure cancer


Due to its high content of vitamin A, C and folic acid, papaya is one of the most recommended foods in a healthy diet, because it minimizes the growth of malignant cells. A very tasty way to eat it is cut into pieces with other fruits and dipped in yogurt.


The carrot contains very high amounts of beta – carotene, which reduces the chances of getting cancer (lung, throat, mouth, stomach, etc.) and also helps its healing. The best way to consume it is raw, because cooking reduces the potential of its main compounds.


It has been proven in various studies that garlic strengthens the immune system and fights various diseases. It is believed to help cure breast, stomach and throat cancer.


The avocado is rich in compounds antioxidants that attack free radicals and block the absorption of harmful fats for the organism. It is an important source of potassium and beta carotene.

Green Tea

Through many studies it has been concluded that one of the best products to drink for patients suffering from cancer is green tea, since it contains high levels of antioxidants and other agents that fight malignant cells. In these cases, the recommended dose is 2 to 10 cups a day. Also healthy people should include in their daily diet one or two cups of this infusion, which is very tasty and prevents the appearance of different bad.

We have offered you some nutritional advice to prevent and cure cancer, as well as a selection of recommended foods for it. Always remember that in any condition in which you find yourself, healthy and balanced nutrition guarantees that your body has the greatest number of possibilities to fight against diseases and avoid the malfunctioning of the body.