Custom shirts

t shirts for best friends

Every day consumers’ taste for buying personalized items is greater. The current trend is to have different clothes or accessories, far from the overcrowding created by the large commercial stores t shirts for couples.

Here personalization becomes very important, at a time when being different becomes more complicated, because few brands are dedicated to delivering services or unique products.

This is why an innovative and original business idea is to deliver “made-to-measure” items such as t-shirts with messages or images that represent who wears them.

It’s about that your clients can access the print they want on their t-shirts and show the world a different image. In addition, it can serve as an excellent option to make gifts that show how much the person to whom the item will be delivered matters.


T-shirt printing is a very lucrative activity if you use imagination and creativity to put into practice what your clients ask you to do t shirts for best friends.

You can deliver different kinds of services. For example, make shirts with messages that you already have in your stock, where people can choose from a varied catalog. Also, you can stamp the messages or drawings that your client wants by giving different possibilities of t-shirts or that they bring theirs and you stamp it.

In addition, you can offer other types of items with personalized prints, such as bags and caps, among others.

We recommend you start with a virtual store and make home deliveries and also make a Fan Page on Facebook, then start with a physical store in a strategic location.

Once you have more experience in the subject, you can open up to do advertising, corporate campaigns, congresses, seminars.

It is a business opportunity that does not require many implements, you just need to look for the machines you need with a supplier.