CPRI Cable

CPRI cable

CPRI stands for Common Public Radio Interface that is a specific transceiver that develops and manages the flexible interface between the RRE (Radio Equipment) and REC (Radio Equipment Controllers). CPRI cable is a high speed and the best performance connecting cable having top optical fiber transceiver interface that is excessively applied in the high-performance networks, computer systems, data storage areas, data centers and telecommunication modules and networks. The applications of this specific cable are unlimited and it is the base connectivity medium in Radio Equipment and other similar networks to connect with different optical fiber receivers and connectors. In general, there are many reasons behind using this high-speed cable excessively. First, it is free of damages and you can connect it with every optical fiber network and equipment.

It does not ask for manual installation or any other formal process before to connect and start working. Usually, the most telecommunication companies, military bases, air aviation departments, radio controlling units and radar systems use the CPRI cable to prevent interruption during signaling and receiving messages. When you connect a radio system with a targeted network through CPRI cables, then you will get almost several times greater speed and increase in performance. Further, this cable works better and more effectively with optical fiber equipment and radio bases. In the mid of 20th century, CPRI cables were the best interfaces ever to connect multiple optical fiber equipment and networks to run the remote base stations and radio devices. The telecommunication companies in the world use CPRI cables in their signal towers and GPRS equipment that work through signals and satellite.