Custom shirts

t shirts for best friends
Every day consumers' taste for buying personalized items is greater. The current trend is to have different clothes or accessories, far from the overcrowding created by the large commercial stores t shirts for couples. Here personalization becomes very important, at a time when being different becomes more complicated, because few brands are dedicated to delivering services or unique products. This is why an innovative and original business idea is to deliver "made-to-measure" items such as Read more [...]

How to customize your t-shirts

Wearing the clothes that everyone is wearing is very visible; with this Tutorial you will no longer have an excuse to personalize your shirts personalized t shirts for kids. We have focused attention on the shirts, but this technique can be used with all the clothes you want to customize. It's very simple; you just need stencil and spray! Materials to customize your shirts Cotton shirt Stencil templates Spray paint for fabric A cardboard or large plastic Scotch tape Step by Read more [...]