Buying followers is not a good idea!

“How can the number of followers be increased?” Is one of the key questions in online marketing. After all, the success and reputation of a company is measured by the number of social media followers / likes and serves to reach more potential customers. By buying followers, many companies hope that this will be a kickstarter for their own social media profile and become more and more genuine account holders followers.

There are numerous providers where Facebook, Twitter or buy instagram followers, likes and views can be bought.

The offers range from a few to several thousand euros, depending on how many followers you want and how credible they should interact. So it can be built with supposedly little budget, a large fan community.

But beware! Buying followers does not lead to the desired success.

What happens when you buy followers?

Basically nothing happens!

  • Shortly after the purchase of the followers, the number of these increases steadily. During the day / week more and more followers are added.
  • Now, the engagement rate can be checked by dropping off a photo or posting.
  • The result: nothing happens, no like, no comment, no interaction.
  • The profiles of the followers bought are also dubious and have content that a company does not necessarily want to associate with.
  • The result: one loses trust and integrity , in the worst case, one’s own reputation can be sustainably damaged.

Even if it sounds tempting to artificially inflate the number of fans with little money, you should refrain from it. Most of the profiles hide bots and click farms that never interact with their profile, distribute likes, or comment on them. If you look more closely at their profiles buy real instagram followers, allegedly loyal followers are quickly revealed as fakes, because they are either inactive and empty, or completely untrustworthy.