1. Be consistent about posting videos

The best tip I can give you is to get your stuff out there!
Making good videos takes practice and you’ll only get better if you keep at it. If you tell yourself “this video is not good enough”, “it still needs more editing”, “it doesn’t look like what I envisioned”, then you’ll never publish anything!

I can’t watch the videos Sam and I filmed 3 years ago because they look pretty bad – the outdated transitions, the zooming in and out, the awkwardness of being in front of the camera for the first time – but we shared those videos online, kept making some more, and I like to think we slowly improved along the way.

Buy youtube comments and likes If you want to get into video you need to have a goal. That may be publishing 1 video a month or publishing 2 videos a week. Set a goal that you know you’ll be able to accomplish, and do your best to stick to it. You may not always feel 100% satisfied with the result, but it’s important that you get your video out there and get started on the next project.

2. Learn to press the delete button

What you take out is just as important as what you leave in.
Once of the things that can kill a potentially good video is too much of the same thing. Just because you shot 10 clips of the Eiffel Tower from slightly different vantage points doesn’t mean you have to include every single piece of footage in your video. Choose the best shots and then delete the rest.

If you show too much of the same and the footage starts to feel a bit repetitive, viewers will lose interest and move on to something else. Your job is to keep the viewer engaged, even if it means parting with some of your files.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

Buy youtube views likes comments packages There are always going to be channels that are more popular, more experienced, or more skilled than yours. You can either look at these channels for inspiration on how you want to film and what you want to achieve, or you can let it immobilize you with self-doubt and not publish anything, ever.

Obviously the latter isn’t what you want to have happen.

Just remember that every channel out there started in the very same place as you: no subscribers, no views, no audience. Yes, even the channels who have over 1 million subscribers and now make their living exclusively off of YouTube – they too were right were you are today.

4. Study movies, tv shows, and videos you enjoy

You can learn a lot of technique by watching videos and studying them. Whenever you see a cool shot or an unusual angle, ask yourself, “How did they do that?” and then rewind, go watch it again, and pay attention to the way the camera is moving.

One of my favourite travel shows is ‘Departures’ and I fell in love with it from the first episode because of the cinematography. The show chronicles 2 friends, Scott and Justin, as they travel around the world with their incredibly talented cameraman, Andre. If you haven’t watched the show yet, you need to get yourself on Netflix right away because not only are Scott and Justin really entertaining, but Andre is able to work some serious magic with the camera. The sweeping landscapes, the dramatic pans – sometimes it feels like he’s frozen time.

5. Don’t forget to do SEO on your videos

If you want your videos to actually rank on YouTube (which allows viewers to find you), you need to do a bit more than just upload your content.

I know so many YouTubers who shoot really great videos, but they don’t help their content rank on YouTube. Filming and editing may be 90% of the work, but it’s the final 10% that’s going to allow people to find you. What does this mean?

1) Give your video a descriptive title.

You want something that explains exactly what your video is about and gets keywords in the title. “VLOG #1: Alohaaaaaa!!!!!” is not so great, but “Driving the road to Hana in Maui” might actually get you somewhere.

2) Use tags.

Tags are keywords that will help people find your video. Since we’re rolling with the example of “Driving the road to Hana in Maui”, you could use keywords like: Hana highway, road trip, scenic drive, coastal drive, Maui, Hawaii, travel. Get the picture?

3) Write a description.

Tell me what your video is about. Better yet, tell YouTube what your video is about. That little description box under your video gives you plenty of room to write a search engine-friendly description, so don’t be sparse with your words.

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