Advantages of stairlifts for the elderly


What advantages for the elderly have the stairlifts? What difficulties do we have to take into account when installing this stairlift system for an elderly person?

Over the years the stairs can be a difficulty when it comes to daily commuting by different levels of the home or to access it (MONTASCALE).

On numerous occasions, going up and down stairs can be dangerous for elderly people who, even if they can walk, go up and down stairs, represent a difficulty or even it can be dangerous seeing their autonomy diminished.

Currently there are several options and technical aids to solve this problem, if it is a single-family home with more than one floor it is possible to opt for renovations to enable everything needed on the ground floor, (bedroom, bathroom, etc.) taking into account account that it will practically be necessary to do without the other levels.

Another option would be to consider the sale of the house and move to another with a single floor or that has the necessary means to facilitate access to the different levels taking into account the situation.

In addition to these options there is the possibility of installing some technical help that allows you to enjoy all the levels of the home again or access it in a comfortable, safe and as autonomous way as possible.

In this sense we have a wide range of possibilities such as domestic elevators, vertical short-haul elevators and stair-climbers, among which the stair-lift chairs stand out.

Stairlifts and elderly people

The stairlifts are specially designed to help people with disabilities when climbing stairs.

Undoubtedly chairs are one of the main options chosen to help the elderly in their daily commutes, by the different levels of the house or in its access, due to its great simplicity, versatility and with a lower cost than the realization of great works and reforms or the installation of another type of elevators.

The great adaptability of this type of stair lift makes it possible to install on most stairs, whether it is stairs of a single straight section or stairs formed by several sections joined by landings, curves or turns, etc. On the other hand, there are also models suitable to be installed abroad.

In addition, the requirements for its installation are minimal , only one outlet is necessary, being able to take advantage of a plug near the ends of the route, that the stairway has a minimum width of between 65 and 75 cm., And that the measurement of the The lower landing is sufficient to allow the chair and its parking space to be accommodated, for which it is necessary between 65 and 70 cm minimum.

Advantages for seniors

One of the advantages for the elderly people who have the stair lift chairs is mainly its simple and intuitive operation , the chairs equipped remote controls, (at least one for each stop of the elevator) and operating elements in the chair itself, it is only It is necessary to keep the ergonomic element of the chair or the control button pressed so that the chair moves automatically stopping at the end of the route, after which we can rotate the seat automatically or manually to leave comfortably on the upper floor.

Other advantages are that they provide greater comfort and above all safety when saving the stairs, which take up little space allowing their folding in a simple way and as we have already mentioned, they adapt to practically the majority of stairs, being their installation fast and without works .

Problems with stairlifts

Where can we find problems with stairlifts ? We must bear in mind that chairs are a product designed to help staircases for elderly people or those with mobility problems, but they can not be considered as an accessibility solution, since they do not allow transporting people in wheelchairs without a transfer being made.

For these cases, the most suitable option would be a stair lift platform or one of the available vertical lifts .