5 tips to keep your feet healthy

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One of the most frequent complications of diabetes is one that affects the feet. Losing a toe, foot or even a leg as a result of diabetes is the nightmare of many patients (unha encravada com pus remedio).

This can happen when the blood flow to the lower extremities is reduced. For example, if there are wounds that are not treated in time and the blood supply are very poor, they can become infected and cause serious complications for the patient.

In this article we bring you some tips to take maximum care of the health of your feet.

  1. Control, control and more control

Do not wait to get scared to start controlling you. Control your glucose levels regularly, and also your blood pressure and cholesterol level

Add to your routine the glycosylated hemoglobin test (HbA1c), since it is the most effective to visualize glucose levels over time. With Social Diabetes we can make an estimate of HbA1c and thus be able to take better control of your diabetes!

Remember that it is advisable that your blood pressure is below 130/80. The fluctuations in tension are normal, but if you observe that they persist over time contact your health professional to advise you

Excess cholesterol is not only bad for the heart but also for diabetes and for health in general.

  1. Take the habit of checking your feet daily

Do minute inspections of your feet every day. Choose the time that best suits you, before taking a bath for example, at night before bed or early in the morning. Be sure to check well for wounds, red spots, blisters, sores, swelling, or infections of the skin or nails. Remember that lack of control can also lead to a peripheral neuropathy, causing much discomfort and pain.

  1. Hygiene also for your feet

Get used to washing your feet daily with warm water (never hot) and dry them well to avoid infection between your fingers. Keep the skin soft, lime the calluses (not cuts), use talcum powder to prevent rubbing and apply moisturizing cream (avoiding the space between the fingers). Cut the nails straight by carefully filing the edges. If you want to use cosmetic services to get a pedicure, go to specialized places that know how to deal with this condition and are sensitive to your feet.

  1. Very hot or very cold?

Protect your feet from extreme temperatures. Avoid walking barefoot during the summer and make sure to use sunscreen to avoid burns. Both cold and heat dry the skin on your feet causing bubbles and blisters that can easily become infected. Use good socks and proper footwear to keep your feet a little warm during the winter.

  1. Your shoes are your best ally but they can also be your worst enemy

It is very important to choose the shoes well. You need comfortable shoes that protect your feet. If you go barefoot or with open shoes you are more susceptible to scratches or hurt your feet without realizing it. Always remember to wear clean and sporty socks that allow perspiration.

Having a good hygiene of the feet to keep them healthy, follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and above all control your glucose levels are the keys to prevent complications that affect your feet.