5 spiritual techniques to heal the body and mind

The soul is not a subject only of poets. Doctors and scientists surrender to the evidence of the existence of that entity full of wisdom wofs.com daily horoscope. Learning to connect the spirit with the body is the right way to achieve well-being and happiness.


  1. Reiki

It is a practice created in 1922 by the Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui and adapted and developed by various masters of different traditions. Practitioners impose their hands on the person while concentrating on transferring “universal energy”, which favors self-healing. There are already several public hospitals that include reiki in ontological treatments and against discomfort in menopause.


  1. Prayer and remote healing

The Lancet magazine published a study from Duke University Medical Center that tested the effectiveness of prayer and healing at a distance. The researchers asked religious groups to pray for the health of patients undergoing cardiac operations. The results indicated that there was an improvement of 30-50% in the health of the patients, with fewer complications and heart failure.


  1. Meditation and visualization

It can be practiced alone or in a group. Relax, relativize habitual worries, reduce fear and anguish and, above all, increase the capacity for concentration, self-knowledge and confidence in one’s own intuition. Meditations that focus on positive emotions are especially effective.


  1. Anthroposophic medicine

Based on the vision of man according to the philosopher Rudolf Steiner, who combined traditions of the East and the West. Understand that we are the result of the superposition of different bodies or dimensions: physical, emotional and etheric or spiritual. Spiritual evolution and health are related.


  1. Neochamánicas techniques

They recover old indigenous traditions and adapt them to modern times. The “search for vision” is the goal of rituals, practices and psychological dynamics that use contact with nature, meditation, fasting, breathing techniques, plants with psychic effects or group support, among other methods. Everyone has some influence on the depths of consciousness.