4 tips to sell your house faster

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Selling a property requires certain procedures and this process takes time, however, it is essential to stay informed and take into account some recommendations to carry out the work in a more effective way. For this reason, the real estate website Propiedades com lists four easy tips, with the aim of obtaining the greatest benefit from this transaction austin home buyers.

Be realistic

“You have to value the house with economic methods, be transparent with the characteristics, attributes, legal and fiscal status of the property. And establish minimum and maximum trading prices with each prospect “, suggests Leonardo González , Real Estate analyst at Propiedades.com , who also proposes to measure the trends in prices and expected returns and establish a price according to the area in which it is located. The property.


Take advantage of technology

The real estate portals have tools that help in the sale of a property, some platforms have featured ad plans to give more visibility to the publications and thus appear among the first search results, so it is worthwhile to use and Take advantage of technology to the fullest.

“Real estate portals make the market transparent with access to trends, data and environmental maps that decrease the waiting time before capitalizing on the surplus value of a purchase transaction,” says González.


Be patient

Estate specialists at Propiedades.com advise to be patient when starting to offer a property, because the transactions can be extended. Therefore, it is necessary to know the real estate characteristics of each area.

The Time on Market indicator, included in the real estate portal reports, refers to the average time it takes a property to exit the market. For example, during the second semester of 2017, in Santa Fe the transactions took up to 147 days, while in the Colonia Roma the estimated time was 175 days.


Build a good ad

The announcement of a property for sale must include relevant, clear and updated information; According to Mónica Aranda , manager of Attention to Users in Propiedades.com , “you must include high quality photographs, showing important details of the property. Leave the contact information updated and always with an option to different ways, such as email, WhatsApp, telephone “.

Likewise, it suggests responding as soon as possible to the interested parties and renewing the characteristics and images of the advertisements.