4 tips and techniques to play the piano: master your favorite pieces

Learning to play a song with the piano can be frustrating: it may take several weeks of practice until you notice any sign of improvement. But with the right practice methods, your learning will be faster. Here are four essential piano tips that will help you progress quickly without losing a bit of motivation yiruma.


  1. It all starts with a good song

A good song is the best motivation you can have when learning to play the piano. Of course, you should know a few basic rules before you start. For example, what keys you should play and in what position your hand should be. Nor should you warm your head too much on this, just just give it a couple of days. Choose a song and get to work!

Choosing the right song can be more complicated than it seems. It is the most important of all. If it’s too easy, you’ll get bored right away, but if it’s too difficult, you’ll end up frustrated. Try to find a simple transcript of a song or piece of classical music that you really like. In flowkey, all songs suitable for beginners are marked green in the corner. If it’s your first time with the piano, you better take a look at our First Steps section. There you will find songs to familiarize yourself with the piano little by little. In this way, you will always find a song according to your abilities.


  1. Let’s go in parts!

Once the song is found, start by dividing it into small sections for 4 to 10 seconds. Why? When you practice piano, your brain works at full speed. You have to memorize new and complex hand movements, and it is normal that you cannot store it all at once. Studies have shown that performing repetitions of 4 to 10 seconds is ideal for your brain to remain focused and not disconnect.

So try to learn a section every day instead of trying to play it all at once. Our Loop function allows you to practice short periods. Just mark the section you want to practice and give Play to work on it.

With this technique, you will master any song in a periquete and notice the progress day by day, keeping your motivation for the clouds!


  1. Take a break

Before trying to play with both hands at the same time, make sure you can use each one separately. This is important since, as we have just seen, the brain cannot store so much information at once. When it comes to learning a new piece, our brain will become saturated if we start touching it with both hands from the beginning. The safest thing is that you have difficulties in coordinating the movements!

The key is to practice each aspect of the piece separately. And this applies to both the left and right hand parts. By clicking on the hand symbols, you can choose to practice with the right hand, the left hand or even both at the same time if you look confident.


Let’s now develop a simple learning method:

  • Monday: Learn the first section. Spend 5 minutes on the right hand, another 5 on the left and, finally, another 5 on both hands at the same time.
  • Tuesday: Learn the second section. Spend 5 minutes on the right hand, another 5 on the left and, finally, another 5 to both at the same time. Then, spend another 5 minutes touching the two sections one after the other.
  • Wednesday: Learn the third section. Spend 5 minutes on the right hand, another 5 on the left and, finally, another 5 to both at the same time. Finally, take another 5 minutes to play the three sections that you have learned.

If you do the calculation, you will see that the recommended method is to practice for 20 minutes a day. Do you think that is not enough? Well then follow up to the fourth advice.


  1. Practice every day

You will notice better results if you practice 20 minutes a day than instead of two hours on the same day of the week. It’s not about how much you practice, but how often. Therefore, it is better to do two sessions of 20 minutes a week than one of 40, and let’s be realistic: it is easier to stay 20 minutes sitting at the piano every day. Make piano exercises a habit you can keep. If you have willingness and motivation to practice, the songs will be rolled!